Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Right on Target!

   It is no secret that I am a fan of all types of boots! Boots are probably a staple in my wardrobe! I was shocked the other day when I was searching and came across a new boot collection! The new "Western Collection" is for the trendy girl who loves a good boot! Below I have selected my favorite four from Target's new boot collection! The first on on the left is the Kagome boot! It is a tall, slouchy version of a cowboy boot. I would wear this boot with dresses, skirts, and of course pants! The slouchy shape of the boot is good for those women who are a bit intimidated by a real cowboy boot! It also comes in Cognac, for those ladies are prefer brown boots! They are only $30, a great deal for tall boots! Get it here! The next pair is less western but more edgy! These are the Haile boots! I love the knee-high laces and the strap over the foot! These would be my go to boots in the fall and in the winter! They are $40 and also come in camel! Get it here! The following pair of boots are probably my favorite, only because I have been searching for an affordable ethnic print boot for over a year now! The multicolor ankle boot is the Kalea boot! I love the muted colors and I love the multiple straps around the ankle to give it some edge! These would look so cute with little summer dresses, or chunky sweaters for fall! They are only $30! Get it here! The last pair of boots is the Kasey boot! I love the ankle cowboy boot with the tassel of fringe on the side! Black ankle boots can be worn with just about every outfit! These would be a great option for the ladies looking for a western boot that isn't too overwhelming! Get it here!

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